F.A.Q. about LEDs

I have Halogens, can I replace them?

Yes. You can replace any Halogen bulb with an energy efficient LED.

Do LEDs produce a lot of heat?

No, LEDs use the power to generate the light. Traditional bulbs use most of the energy to create the heat which would then create light. A reduction in your a/c costs is benefit of LEDs.

Will LEDs use the same housings as my current bulbs?

Some may require minor re-wiring which we will happily find a contractor to do this work for you.

Are these the twisty tube bulbs?

No, those are Compact Fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) which are not to be confused with LEDs.

Are LEDs hazardous?

No, unlike CFL’s and Fluorescent bulbs LEDs are contain no Mercury or any toxic materials or substances.

Aren't LEDs inferior to regular bulb lighting?

Not anymore, LEDs can easily replace and out perform any commercial bulb in the marketplace.

How is this different from the promises of CFLs?

CFLs have been a disappointment. They did not live up to their life span, contain mercury, must be recycled by taking them to your local waste authority, and can produce unpleasant lighting tones. However, the new LEDs have none of those drawbacks and our LEDs are guaranteed to last at least 5 years.

What do you mean CFLs don't live up to their life span?

CFLs lifespan, in the case of a 5-minute on/off cycle, can be reduced to ‘close to that of incandescent light bulbs’

Aren't LEDs a focused light similar to a flashlight beam?

That is older technology that you can still find being sold in many stores, but not from LED Cents.