Los Angeles adds to roadway project

ledsairportnews092915Eaton has supplied more of the innovative Y-shaped LED luminaires that light the departure and arrival roadways at Los Angeles International Airport while Georgia Power awarded a significant rebate to Atlanta Airport for a retrofit of the airfield to LEDs.

Atlanta airfield lighting

In Atlanta, meanwhile, the most recent energy-efficiency effort with regard to lighting included retrofit of more than 16,000 halogen lamps throughout the north and south airfields. The project included runway edge lights, runway centerline lights, runway guard lights, taxiway guard lights, and taxiway centerline lights.

The airport lighting is being lauded for both efficiency and reliability advantages. Georgia Power said that new LED lighting would save 2 MkWh (million kilowatt hours) annually.

But in the airfield role, maintenance savings may prove more significant. The lighting is rated for 200,000 hours of life. Such products will eliminate relamping costs and will also minimize disruptions to airport operations.

The Atlanta hub asserts that it is the first in the world to have airfields lit exclusive by LEDs. “At the world’s busiest and most efficient airport, we work tirelessly to be one of the most sustainable airports in the world,” said Miguel Southwell, aviation general manager of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. “We are grateful for our partnership with Georgia Power on our airfield LED lighting project and look forward to working together on future energy efficiency initiatives.”

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