Commercial LED lighting and sustainable solutions

Lighting Services

From standard screw in lamps to fully integrated Building Management Systems we can provide you or your client with the best available options at factory direct pricing. Managing the vast range of new LED products hitting shelves daily is almost impossible to filter through and find the best available technology and especially at the most competitive price. LED Cents is here to help, our team of experts will conceptualise and implement any project of any size for our clients. Whether you need simple drop shipment of a few lamps to your facility or a nationwide multi-facility project designed we’ve got the expertise to support your upgrade.


are limitless!

Whether you need a small 5 Watt LED to replace a traditional 60 Watt bulb, T5 – T 12 tube replacements, or a fully independent solar powered street light we can help you find the right product at the best price available. LED Cents can even customize any light specifically to your needs.


delivered to your door!

Through multiple manufacturing agreements LED Cents is able to guarantee our clients with the highest quality, best pricing, and fastest customer support available. We make sure that every service provided is industry-defining, and in doing so, we dictate the industry.


ready to meet your demands

Our executive account team has been in the lighting industry for decades and will walk you through all of your questions and concerns. Every client has a dedicated account manager, which will guide him trough the process, making sure that his advice is there when needed.


alternative energy and energry reduction services

We work with all of our clients to help ensure they are saving in as many areas as possible including Solar Panels, Power Cleaners, and HVAC energy saving.

to save you all the trouble!



meets your goals

Our mission is to provide the world with the safest, most reliable, and most cost efficient energy solutions for us and our planet. You save money and create a better tomorrow.

It’s not just about going green anymore.

Lower manufacturing costs has provided everyone the ability to purchase the best available product with lowest possible carbon footprint. LEDs last on average 10 – 15 years and 100,000 hours compared to less than a year or two for most regular bulbs and fluorescents. LED Cents is working hard to come up with as many energy saving options as possible to help our clients spend less and our planet breathe a little easier.

Do you know about the Bulb Ban?

100 Watt Bulbs are illegal to produce since 2013 and in 2014, the 75 Watt, 60 Watt, and then the 40 Watt followed. This left consumers with the choice of using a Mercury based Fluorescent bulb or an LED bulb.